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jgman: later D
DG: Peace out homie!
Damien: ok i really gots to go by fellas
DG: *Been
Brother Bane aka Eas: I'm out too, take care all
DominicFabiscus: later guys
Damien: oh yeah love it chris love it haha
DG: Yeah time to roll. Be fun fellas. Tomorrow!
Brother Bane aka Eas: See ya Damien
DominicFabiscus: Super Man Hole seems like its right up your alley, D
Damien: lol bane
DG: Hahhah
Damien: well i got to go. laters dudes
Brother Bane aka Eas: One cock ring to rule them all
Damien: lol too funny
DG: BTW, I'm just making these up, not sure if they actually exist.
Damien: shoot they got everything else right
DG: Yep "Return of the Fling"
Damien: i wonder if they have lothr porn
DG: Well, Man of Steel sounds like one and it's a real movie.
Damien: lol chris
DG: Wow, they cut out early.
DominicFabiscus: looking up superhero porn now...
Damien: haha carmin so cute and silly
Brother Bane aka Eas: XXX-Men
Brother Bane aka Eas: There actually are a bunch of superhero porns, so hilarious
DG: Fantastic Whore
DG: WonderWomen
Brother Bane aka Eas: I was born in the darkness, you just want to stick your **** in it
DG: LOL - just figured that would be the first in the line of many. :)
Damien: i think he just likes the sexy bane voice O.O
Brother Bane aka Eas: Wow, why's it gotta be gay and involve Bane?
Damien: no doubt chris. date line is pretty good too.
DG: I bet there is a porn with superheros - BrokeBackBane?

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