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DominicFabiscus: im gone too, thanks Joey!
DominicFabiscus: goodnight! noc!
NocturnalEmission: Goodnight Chris and others TY Joey
NocturnalEmission: Later Ken
NocturnalEmission: and my mom dad has 2 brothers that served in WW2
DominicFabiscus: triple play!!
ken3: Later peeps see u all tomorrow
NocturnalEmission: my bro in law did 4 years Navy
DominicFabiscus: my pleasure Noc! best times if mylife when i wasnt shitting my pants. wouldnt trade a single day
NocturnalEmission: Chris ty for serving
DominicFabiscus: All this weapons talk, now i wanna go shooting!!
DominicFabiscus: haha
PFJS: nothing is better than shooting a load
NocturnalEmission: say what Carmin
DominicFabiscus: after desert storm, we spent 2 months just destroying all the weapons they abondoned. wish i had one of them now. they had a no trophy policy tho
NocturnalEmission: AK 47 was fun
PFJS: thanks Chris
cmfdavis: That's a dif story Chris! LOL
DominicFabiscus: M2 50 cal is the most fun weapon to fire!!
cmfdavis: This dude just wanted to say he's shot a .50 on the air!
NocturnalEmission: :P
DominicFabiscus: its called a buffer spring, caller
DominicFabiscus: i cant quit you Sammy
Damien: laters chris. ok i go fo realz now buh bye!!!
Damien: bye ken
Damien: haha yes sam
DominicFabiscus: later d!
PFJS: later D see ya on Brokeback Mountain tomorrow
ken3: later Damien be safe
ken3: Sammy wb
Damien: well i got to go. see ya nuts later. see u all tomorrow! Check ya later!
PFJS: I got the show muted
DominicFabiscus: hey sammy
PFJS: hey all
Damien: wb kenny
Damien: lol chris

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